My Niece - " Tikili "

My Middle Sister " Mamta "and Brother in law " Manoranjan ".

My Niece "Tikili"

Me and My Father

My Eldest Sister "Anita", Brother In Law " Shiva" and My Eldest Niece "Priyanka"

Me, during final year engineering, Amravati 1998

My mother  niece-Priyanka (Left) and Nephew - Aaditya (Right)

Middle Sister "Mamta" and Eldest niece - Priyanka.

I am with my mother

My youngest sister "Sarita" and My Mother.

Me with Pryanka and Aaditya

My friend "Tara Shankar Rudra" (Left) and  Akhilesh (Right). My bosoms.

My eldest Brother in law : Shiva

My eldest sister when she was at Visakhapatnam. 

Priyanka at her age 2

Priyanka at age 2

Priyanka and Aaditya

My sister - Mamta

Priyanka & Aaditya

Priyanka & Tikili

Gopinath Temple at My Village

Me at Lalbagh, Bangalore 1999

Suresh (Front), myself(middle), Abhay (Back) My very good friends.

Suresh is helping me during my packup during final year.

Ooty park-1999

Ooty Lake :1999

My Thread Ceremony 

At Mysore palace 1999

Chamundi Hills , Mysore:1999

At Rourkela Sector 17-B3. 1998

My Class room at Engineering College, Amravati. 1998

Chamundeswari Temple , Mysore :1999

Sarita : My Sister and her hubby Chandra Sekhar

My Parents.

(From left to right) My Brother(causin) Baina Bhai, Sarita, Anita, Mamata and My Grand maa 

Tiger : The first animal of my life. accompanied me till fifteen years. He too birth just a week after My date of birth

Prince : Hostile but affectionate

Our trip to Agra with my Uncle Kashi Mousa , Jhabu Mousi, Aai, and Chuaa Aai.

From let to right

Mamta, Sarita, Vijay, Prakash, Jhabu mousi, Chuaa Aai, Kashi Mousa, Susmita, Bapa, Aai, My maa, Anita, Sudipta

My most adored Kashi Mousa and Jhabu Mousi

My Uncle Dr. Pravat and aunt Mrs. Bhubanamohini, Soumya , Smruti.