Inside a submarine : Australian National Maritime Museum

Nagasundaram (My Manager), myself, Shilendra my best friend. at  Covansys, Sydney, Australia. Feb 2000

Near Veritas Office , Sydney on the way to harbor bridge.

Danish, myself , Kim at Covansys, Australia

Harbor Bridge at Back

Martin's Place, Sydney. My Office was here only.

Opera house , Sydney : I was on the boat to Torango Zoo, Sydney.

Darling Harbor. I was staying nearby.

Darling harbor.

Hyde Park, Sydney. This was near by my office.

Health spa at my apartment, Sydney.

Darling Harbor: Evening hours.

Shirlin and me at Pool, My Apartment, Sydney.

On the way to Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Fox Studio, Sydney

Bondai Beach, Sydney. Pacific Ocean.

Bondai Beach, Sydney. 

Martin's Place, Sydney.


Amps Tower, Telstra, Sydney

Photo from Amps Tower, Sydney.

On the way to office Kings Street, Sydney.

Aside of Harbor Bridge, Sydney.

Nagasundaram, Myself

Madrass Dining Hall, Covansys Madrass.

Shirlin's Apartment, Sydney.

Changi Airport, Singapore.

At Changi airport, Singapore.

At Bathroom

Sydney Aquarium, Sydney.

Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Opera house, Sydney.