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My Australian team,

Ruth(GM, Australian Operations), Ganesh (GM Bangalore Covansys), Nagasundaram, Sarang (VP, Admin India Operations), Olivia (Office Administration, Sydney), Mohan (Chief Financial Officer, Covansys,India),*, Roger (Chief, Covansys,Sydney Operations), Kim (System Administrator), Sudipta, *, Luke (Software architect).


Darling Harbor, Sydney


Astrological society, Sydney.

Inside a Battle Gun Ship.


Taronga Zoo.

Nagasundaram, Shirlin Dcruz, Poornima, *, Sudipta

Darling Harbor, Sydney.

Sydney Airport.

View from Plane, Sydney.

Shirlin, Sudipta, Shailendra

Darling harbor pub, Sydney.

Singapore Airport.

Darling harbor, Sydney.

Game at Sydney Office.

Sydney from Top.

Entering in to Australian island

On Harbor bridge.


Darling Harbor, Sydney.

Darling Harbor, Sydney.

Hyde Park, Sydney.


At my apartment. Sydney.

Cooking at my apartment, Sydney.

At circular quay, Sydney.

Opera house, Sydney.

On the way to Taronga Zoo. Stephen and  John. They are my friend's Sons.

Blake and Martha, My Collogue from Austria.

Darling Harbor, Sydney.

At supper, My apartment, Sydney.


Inside Sydney Rail.

My apartment, Sydney.